This section contains information specific to the various aspects of the game and their content.


Information about the various locations you can search, what level they open at, requirements to open, items available to be found, play modes, anomaly types, etc.


Will contain informatoin about the various collections and the reward you receive from completing them.


List of the various roamers you will encounter in the game, the items they provide, and the weapons needed to banish them.


Information regarding the social aspects of the game.  Such as the Friends, Gifts, and Wall buttons.  Including tipping, professions, helpers, gifting, etc.


Information about the various types of items in your inventory, how to use them, and how to obtain them.  Also includes information for the Shop button.

Quests and EventsEdit

Information regarding the various quests and events.  Quests appear on the left hand side of your main screen and events appear on the right.  Sometimes several quests will complete an event and sometimes events are timed or season events.


Information about other area of the game such as the bottom buttons for Acheivements, Rating, and GI center.  It also contains information for the other buttons found on the main screen such as Posting screenshots, Settings, Player Name, etc.